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AICON’s powerful interface to bending machines

8 February 2011 - Of course you can connect your tube measuring system with your bending machine through a serial interface. However, much more convenient is a connection through AICON’s module TubeInspect NET which is able to transfer correctional data automatically to up to 100 bending machines at a time. This connection method guarantees huge saving potential.

In production, new setup of bending machines is necessary whenever the product is changed or when the batches of materials differ. Formerly, the communication between tube measuring system and bending machine was a true challenge. Quite often, the connection was realized through a serial interface (e.g. RS-232). During this exchange of data between computer and peripheral, the data is transferred a bit at a time (serially). Hence, transmission speed is limited.

Another drawback of a serial interface between bending machine and measuring system is that it has to be configured and programmed individually because the transmission protocols and rates must be matched. This is both very cost-intensive and time-consuming.

Today, thanks to TubeInspect’s interface TubeInspect NET, the setup of a bending machine only takes a few minutes. Consequently, the possible savings with this method are huge for each business applying one or more bending machines.

TubeInspect NET allows for the transfer of correctional data from TubeInspect to up to 100 bending machines connected at a time. It is based on an open interface description which is available to all bending machine manufacturers at no cost. By now, all well-known manufacturers of bending machines support this interface due to its clear advantages.

One example: Only a few weeks ago, the Italian tube bending machine manufacturer Crippa has connected the TubeInspect measuring system to the Crippa bending machine CNC 1132. This bender that works with a Siemens 8400i controller will be delivered to the customer together with TubeInspect. Antonio Crippa, executive vize president of the company Crippa, affirms: “In principle, every Crippa bending machine can be connected with AICON’s TubeInspect.”

Likewise, many other international bending machine manufacturers support the connection to TubeInspect, for example BLM, Dengler Tube Tec, Felss Burger, Herber, Mewag/Wafios, Numalliance, Schwarze-Robitec, Silfax, and Transfluid.

Thus the setup of your bending machine becomes very easy. In the first step, the tube that has to be corrected is measured with TubeInspect. The results are calculated within just a few seconds. After a short analysis of the correctional data, the user starts the transmission of the data to the corresponding bending machine. The data is either used completely as calculated by TubeInspect, or the user can adapt it and only use part of it, for example only the push corrections. It is also possible to make individual adaptations respecting the bending machine behavior (e.g. by reducing the correctional data by 30 %).

A special setup for the data transmission is not necessary as you can simply use the TCP/IP protocol (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) which is common in most company networks. If there is no network available, it is of course also possible to transfer the data through external storage, e.g. an USB stick.

Thus the correction of your bending machine takes only a few minutes, and production can continue.

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